Mold Remediation

Five Star Restoration and its team of professionals understand how water or moisture can damage or promote mold- contaminated homes, buildings, finishing, furnishing materials, and contents. To prevent moisture problems, we must identify, locate, and correct or control the source as soon as possible. Application of these principles may require a multidisciplinary approach involving professionals like Five Star Restoration. Comprehensive testing includes a complete visual analysis. Clearance Mold testing and inspections are necessary to ensure the contaminants have been removed and areas have returned to acceptable levels. Successful mold remediation results in the return of the remediated structure and contents so reconstruction can begin. This process does not begin until moisture is controlled until mold remediation is complete, and materials are dry. Following are the five general principles used in the remediation of mold-contaminated structures and materials:

Principles of Mold Remediation

  • Provide for the health and safety of occupants and workers
  • Document the conditions and work processes
  • Control the containment at the source
  • Physically remove the contamination
  • Correct the moisture problem to prevent recontamination